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Naked Heart Documentation Wiki

Naked Heart is an egalitarian collective devoted to a fuller embodiment of the Divine Feminine wherever she may be found. Our fullest expression is found at the Burning Man event. This Wiki has been created as a storehouse of institutional knowledge.

The ephemeral nature of the Burning Man Event means that our camp is often being constructed by members who have never been to Burning Man before and have never seen any of these structures prior to building them. This document is intended as a tool to orient new members and to collect the institutional knowledge of our camp as it is generated.

The following Index will help you navigate the site




Communal Shade

Dance Mats



40' Trailer

30' Trailer

Greeter Station

Flat Top Shades


Newby Systems Overview

Dish Washing System

Sex-A-Yurt Usage

Trash System

Power System

Fresh water System

Grey Water System

Misting System

Vegetable Coolbox

Handwash Station

Bike Racks

Bike Storage Rental

Bike Repair


Important Knots

Packing Up

Playa Staples

Dish Washing

Color Codes


How To Create Workshop

Horror Stories

On-Playa Work Duties

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